Build Powerful Private Blog Networks for Top SEO Rankings

Build Powerful Private Blog Networks for Top SEO Rankings, A walkthrough of the exact processes to build your PBN in a detailed course, complete with resources and templates.

This is the only course you will need to dominate Search Engine Optimization using the power of Private Blog Networks. 

With over 3 hours of training you will learn how to build out your own powerful PBN that you can then use to rank your websites on Google. This course reveals everything you need to know and nothing is held back!

You also get access to resources to help you manage your PBN and downloadable ebook guide for quick reference.

Go from Beginner to Advanced

You’ll go from a beginner in PBNs to a high-level expert, as you are guided through module step by step.

By the end of the course, you will be able to find hidden high-power expired domains easily, construct your own Private Blog Network and start ranking your sites easily on Google.

You can implement every step you learn to build out your PBN that can then power SEO rankings of your websites.

Inside the course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Plan your budget for PBNs
  • Learn the exact SEO process behind PBNs
  • Understand what Expired Domains are and how they can power up your money sites
  • Learn what Expired Domain Crawlers are and how they work
  • Host your PBN on Shared Hosting and how to find good Hosts
  • How to Link Out from your PBN Sites
  • Learn Everything About PBN Footprints and How to avoid them
  • How to Use WordPress to setup your PBN sites quickly
  • Which plugins are essential and how to go about setting them up
  • What are the essential elements each PBN site must have to look real to withstand a manual review by Google
  • Find the most powerful pages of your PBNs so you can channel down the link juice for powerful rankings
  • How to add content to your PBN
  • Access secret tips that no one tells you (including how to test the power of a PBN site before investing heavily into it)

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